What You Need to Know About Bicycle Security

What You Need to Know About Bicycle Security

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As many of you out there may already be aware, the humble padlock is an affordable, portable method of to securing private or valuable items at your home or elsewhere. They are beyond a doubt very handy and simple to use, yet an outstanding deterrent to most lowlife thieves. There are different types of designs and styles to select from, all depending upon the kind of security it is that you need.

In most cases, made from solid or alloyed steel, heavy-duty padlocks are designed to withstand a high level of assault. And while brass is a superb material for resisting various weather conditions and matters of rust, it is a slightly softer metal which may not withstand heavy duty prying or cutting as well as harder steel.

  • Modern steel and alloy padlocks can be enveloped with specially fitted plastic casings which help to protect them from the weathers and when used with high quality Pewag security chains, they will deter any formidable bike or motorbike thieves.

The Locking Mechanism

Aside from the differences in the materials which are used to make padlocks, there are differences in the design of locking mechanisms. Combination padlocks are available today with a dial design, or a thumb-rolled number pad on the side or the bottom of the lock. You can also select combination padlocks which are already installed with a combination, or ones which let you create your very own numbers. The latter one is typically re-settable, meaning that you can alter the combination when you want to.

Keyed padlocks, have the same design build as combination locks and feature a shackle – a hooked part at the top which slides through a chain or a clasp before sliding into the body of the lock, making it secure. Keyed locks usually have a keyhole on the bottom of the base, rather than a dial or digital number pad and can be opened and closed faster.

  • They come with two or often three keys, so at least one of them can be left in a safe place in case of any misplacement or being lost.

A Mixture of Both

Modern combination padlocks also include key access which is perfect for children who want to secure their lockers at school or chain and lock their bikes. If they somehow forget the combination, they can easily make use of the key. Don’t forget that It is more than a good idea to make a note of the combination in a safe place at home and keep it together with the spare key.

There are a number of companies which make padlocks in lovely bright colours and with a trendy finish which are appealing to children. And strangely enough, these hip padlocks are also now attractive to adults and become best sellers to children and adults alike!

Don’t forget that a strong lock with a strong security chain will keep anyone with negative away from your two wheeled assistants!

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