Things To Take Into Account When Buying A Used Car

Things To Take Into Account When Buying A Used Car

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We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of people who ended up buying a wreck from a dodgy car dealer, and unless you really know your stuff, there is always a chance that your purchase might not be all that it seems. There are things one can do to minimise the risk of buying a dud vehicle, and with that in mind, here is some sound advice when looking at used cars.

  • Research the Seller – One thing to bear in mind is that you are much less likely to encounter a proble if you buy a car from a reputable dealer, so unless you personally know a private seller, it is wise to avoid buying from an individual. The main reason for that is the car will be “sold as seen” and that means once you shake hands and pay the asking price, you are responsible for any repairs that might be needed. If you happen to be looking for used cars in Sydney, especially the Lidcombe area, there is one very reputable dealer who issues a warranty with all used vehicles, and with a good name in the local community, you can rest assured that the car is in tip-top condition.

  • Insist on a Warranty – If the seller is confident that the vehicle is in good condition, they should offer the buyer some form of warranty. Some used car dealers have a range of warranty packages, and if you are still unsure, why not take a qualified mechanic with you when you view the car? There are online companies that inspect used cars for their clients, and after the inspection is completed, you would receive a comprehensive report on the vehicle’s condition. If you live in the Sydney area, there are many second hand car dealers, and any that will not give you a warranty should be avoided.

  • Service History – Every vehicle should be serviced at regular intervals, and this information about each service would be entered in the special section of the user’s manual, along with the service garage’s rubber stamp, and if a car has a full service history – known as FSH in the trade – then the seller can expect to receive a good prive when selling. It is erfectly natural to wonder about a car’s previous history, and as well know, some car owners take more care than others.

  • Test Drive the Vehicle – This is standard practice, and to be honest, it is not wise to purchase a used car without first experiencing how the car handles, and any reputable dealer would he appy to accompany you on a short drive in the car you are thinking of buying, and it isn’t until you drive a car that you fully appreciate how it runs.

Providing you search our a reputable second hand car dealer that has a good reputation within the local community, it is likely you will be more than happy with your purchase, and should there be any issues, they would be happy to rectify things.

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