Removing Pet Smells from your Car

Removing Pet Smells from your Car

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Having pets is a great joy. Dogs are one of the most popular pets, found in a large percentage of households. They are always happy to see you, can help you calm down, and are always up for a snuggle. Many people take their dogs everywhere with them. They may go the park or simply out for a little shopping at the pet store. It may be fun to have your pet as a co-pilot; however, odours can linger long after your pet is back at home.

Wet and Muddy

Adventures with your pet often involve treks through mud or a swim in the lake. Even with towels or blankets down in the car, water from a dog’s coat can easily penetrate the upholstery of the car. When you close the car later, the residual moisture can become trapped with no way to air out. This results in a musty smell that is difficult to get out. It also traps the smell of your wet dog in your car. Mud from your outing can also remain on various surfaces after your dog shakes and walks around. Car valeting services in Plymouth can effectively remove dirt and odours.

  • Dirt removal from all surfaces
  • Dog hair removal
  • A thorough shampoo for upholstery

Sick Pets

Pets become sick at times and must be driven to the vet. During this transportation, many things can happen. Like kids, pets may not be able to control when they throw up or have a toilet accident. When this happen in a car, the smell may seem like it is going to linger forever. A professional cleaning uses the best equipment and solutions to remove the smell and germs.

Your pet is a part of the family, so naturally, they may have a ride in the car from time to time. With a good car valet, you can rest assured that help is on the way. Your car can smell fresh and be free of bacteria after a professional cleaning.



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