Properly Dispose of your Old Vehicle and Receive Top-Dollar

Properly Dispose of your Old Vehicle and Receive Top-Dollar

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Do you have a vehicle that is no longer in working order? Disposing of a vehicle is not as easy as just taking it to the recycle centre, as you would with household garbage. Instead of just throwing your vehicle away or letting it sit, take it to a scrapyard, and get paid for this vehicle that is no longer of use to you.

Services Offered by Vehicle Scrap Yards

Vehicle scrap yards offer a variety of services to help you properly and conveniently dispose of your vehicle. These services include:

  • Acceptance of cars, vans, trucks, and commercial vehicles
  • Pickup and delivery of your vehicle
  • Payment for your vehicle

The experienced scrap car services in Hinckley are licensed, as well as environmentally friendly. When clients bring in a vehicle, they can rest assured that the vehicle will be drained of harmful fluids and that all harmful substances will be removed and disposed of properly and in an environmentally friendly method.

Why Choose the Professionals?

The professionals have the proper equipment to efficiently recycle your vehicle. They pay top dollar for your vehicle, and the money will be available immediately. If you are unable to transport the vehicle yourself, they offer to transport it for you. If you bring a vehicle which is not running, cranes are on sight to safely retrieve your vehicle. When it comes to disposing of your old vehicle which is beyond repair, trust the professionals to properly dispose of your old vehicle and pay you top dollar on metal prices. They also accept a variety of scrap metals in addition to vehicles for your convenience.



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