Making Sure That Your Car Is Up And Running

Making Sure That Your Car Is Up And Running

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Most of us depend heavily on our cars to get us to work and back, get out on weekends, and go on well-deserved holidays with the family. Due to our reliance on them, our cars will inevitably need servicing and repairs. This is where taking them to a local garage is essential.

How Well Is Your Car Running?

Most car owners are not mechanics, but knowing some of the basics can help a car owner understand what might be going wrong and when to take the car in to one of the local garage services in CT21. Any of the following may be a reason to book with a reliable mechanic:

  • Knocking noises: Any clanking, banging, or knocking from the engine, especially during acceleration, is a potentially serious issue that needs fixing as soon as possible. It could be anything from a bad fuel mix to a cylinder head that is about to blow.
  • No power: If it feels like your car is losing power as you accelerate, it could indicate a poor fuel mix.
  • Brakes: Never leave bad brakes! These are critical to road safety. If you notice that your brakes are soft underfoot, or you notice a grinding noise whenever you brake, bring it in right away.
  • Tyres: Tyres will always need replacing, eventually. It’s a good idea to keep them pumped up and to do a visual check now and again. If they are balding, it’s time to get them changed.

Staying Safe on the Road

Having our cars checked over and repaired by a local garage service is essential to maintaining road safety. In this context, it’s a good idea to have the phone number of the local garage.

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