Get, Set And Go: Our Vehicle Guide

Get, Set And Go: Our Vehicle Guide

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Trends and Developments in the Automotive Industry 2018 

The automotive industry is one of the premium industries that goes for widespread changes and innovations year after year. It is because of the well-established players in the industry and the demand from the customers for better features and options. Due to that reason, trends and developments are very frequent in the vehicle industry, particularly in the case of cars.

You should have noticed many changes in the recent years. The demand for hybrid cars and fully-electric cars is one of the most significant movements in the recent years. Due to the growing concerns of global warming, the automotive companies started heavily investing on environment-friendly initiatives in the product and services across the globe. Even governments are coming up with better vehicle standards to keep sustainability is the target going forward.

When the transformation of the vehicle industry is rapid, you would always be confused with the latest developments in the industry before purchasing the car. Here, you can go through the general trends and developments in the industry before planning to buy a car.

Journey towards Full Autonomy

You should have already known about the developments to make fully automated driver-less cars. A number of major tech firms, including Tesla and Google, have come up with their timeline for the project and started extensive testing on the AI-enabled software to make it a reality. Interestingly, the car makers are also coming up with supporting hardware to make it a mass movement.

Tesla, Mercedez, Toyota, and other major players already started producing cars with autonomous hardware. Similarly, the administrations have started policymaking in favor of driverless cars. For instance, California began to working on driverless car policy on the roads, and several other states in the United States adopted policies for such cars with the driver as of today.

While purchasing the cars, you can always keep the information checked and aware the future needs. You should note that New Zealand started seeing the autonomous revolution with electric shuttle buses from Ohmio Automotion, an HMI Technologies firm, shuttle around Christchurch Art Gallery. You can conclude that in the coming years, you would see an autonomous car revolution in the roads.

Electrical Vehicles

Another vital revolution is electric vehicles. There are both hybrid vehicles as well as fully-electric vehicles come into the market on a daily basis. Do you know that more than ten full-electric cars and at least 15 hybrid cars are available in the New Zealand market as of today? All the major players including BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan Mitsubishi, and more have come up with their fully-electric and hybrid models to lure the customers. Do you know the electric cars are quieter than gasoline cars?

When you can reduce the running costs of vehicles significantly, can’t you take a step towards that? Also, considering its sustainability mission, you are actually taking an environment note by opting such a vehicle for your garage.

Considering the government regulations towards the electric vehicles, you will see more integration in the coming years. Also, the vehicle manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need of affordable and viable electric vehicles and coming up with their efforts on a regular basis.


Crossovers have got increased acceptance in the recent years. While it looks similar to an SUV, it mostly drives like a car. Countries like New Zealand that has significant SUV fans, almost 33% of the total car sales, is expected show greater sales in crossovers as well. Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V have made significant sales across the globe due to the affinity of people towards crossovers. You should note that RAV4 has registered significant sales numbers in New Zealand in 2016.

Crossovers provide increased space that is built on the car platform. This ensures more comfortable journey than an SUV and space for long travels compared to a car. It provides better fuel efficiency than large SUVs, and it becomes your pocket-friendly choice for long journeys. Many crossovers offer third-row seating that gives a perfect fit for large families. Do you feel tempted to crossovers?

Automatic-braking System

The safety is always a concern for both customers and manufacturers since commercial vehicles came into the picture. Automatic-breaking system is the latest trend when it comes to the safety of vehicles. It responds to emergency situations and helps the driver to reduce the speed of the vehicle to lessen the damage. Some advanced automatic-braking systems take full control of the vehicle and stop it before any potential collision.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety already communicated that the system is a necessity for every vehicle as part of crash avoidance measures. Interestingly, it is a set of systems together namely, cross-traffic alert systems, front crash prevention systems, and backover prevention system. Altogether, the system helps to reduce the chances of accidents. Do you know popular car models like Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, and Mazda CX-5 come with the technology?

Rising Insurance Claims

Per the latest reports, the insurance industry in New Zealand sees a rise in the number of insurance claims in the recent years. The Insurance Council of New Zealand recently revealed the numbers that saw nearly $20 million increase in claims in 2016 compared to 2015 numbers. An expert in Insurance Council confirmed that the rising repair prices and crash numbers are contributing to the increasing numbers.

The demand also found to be boosted the insurance industry significantly. For instance, Youi NZ, a leading insurer in the automotive sector, showed a revenue increase of 19% during the first half of 2017. Interestingly, the firm also confirmed that it paid over 8% more claims during the period.

Considering the growing repairing costs, you should look for innovative vehicle insurance plans that can address your needs. You can check online for customized plans as many insurance firms offer online insurance shopping options to its customers.


The vehicle industry is one of the most happening sectors around the world. The soul of the industry revolves around the innovation and the need for better products. When the industry is adding efficiency to the way it works and deliver things, it advances the lives of every human beings in total.

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